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The Rise of Audio Articles

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

The rise of audio articles

Many readers from around the world would have noticed the rise in which bloggers and publishers have been adding audio content to their articles. This is primarily done to help enrich your demographics user experience when the they land on your pages.

Many of you would have also noticed the rise of podcasts and audiobooks in the past 2 years, as more users are now ‘listening to content’ than ever before. In addition to this, some new features are being added to applications like the Microsoft office.

Microsoft office now has a 'read out' feature which helps users listen to emails, instead of reading them throughout your day. This helps users multitask and understand content to a level in which they can better understand the objective of each email a lot better than they would off before.

Another form of this is being piloted by publishers like The Verge and Forbes, whereby it gives users the option to listen to content, rather than read it. This short or long audio clip helps users get the topic, brief and conclusion from every article. This helps users listen to content, which allows publishers to enjoy longer durations on each page as users are more likely to stay on a page by listening to it than reading it.

As a digital marketer, blogger or publisher, we know the importance of content generation as it used as a main source of income for many around the world who monetize it through AdSense or marketing affiliated programs. For those reading this for the first time, blogs or articles are very important as they allow you to bring in users who may not find your product or service directly, but manage to find a subtopic within a blog that helps them find your business and solutions.

What are Audio Articles?

Audio articles are added to content in either article, blog or press release form and acts as an extension to which a user can listen to either a short form or long form audio clip that gives the brief and conclusion of that given page.

With this, you could in theory boost the retention of the users who land on your website, as the basis of this audio clip will help you bridge your target market with your business like never before. Depending on the industry you serve, this could be a vital tool that helps businesses speak to users without being too intrusive.

Can I Monetize Audio Articles?

General podcast setup

Absolutely, one can use audio blogs, audio articles and more to add audio promos in-between content which can be heard within podcasts across the world.

Although this is a relatively new area which is only starting to take off, many businesses who advertise are now looking to add their audio promos in podcasts and other areas to help boost their brand recognition like Forbes has been doing with their own audio articles.

Types of Audio Articles

Shure microphone

There are a variety of options at your disposal when adding audio articles to your website.

Here are some options if you looking to add audio articles to your website:

  • Long form audio article

  • Short form audio article

  • Bespoke audio article

Long form audio articles have the entire article voiced out to users who want the entire article read to them instead of reading the post themselves

Short form audio article's traditionally take the shape of a brief introduction and equally short conclusion of the topic itself.

Bespoke audio articles are usually pre-recorded and normally done by the blogger or writer themselves who give their quick synopsis of the topic they wrote.

How can I add audio Articles to my Website?

Article from the verge and their audio article

There are only a couple of options available for users to take advantage of today.

One of the areas you need to consider is whether you want an Ai voiceover (text to speech feature) to read the content for you or if you want your own team to record and add the audio clip into your posts.

If you are comfortable in having an Ai voiceover read out your content, then you may want to consider using Trinity Audio if you use WordPress CMS as it's completely free and has a couple of tailored options for you to choose from.

A recent exchange was made with Trinity Audio and Marketing Optimised, whereby they confirmed that their Ai audio player will be coming to WIX CMS and other CMS's in the near future.

If you want to add your own audio clip, you would have to research and find plugins which allow you to add this type of content to your website.

Is Ai Powered text to Voice Generation any good?

Some of the latest developments in improving Ai voice over generation is truly remarkable with some sounding true to nature itself. Perhaps one of the most impressive is Google's very own Ai voiceover which can be heard if you use your Google Chrome app on mobile to listen to posts.

Others like Trinity Audio,, remixd and more are fighting for pole position as this market is developing throughout the world.

The Future of Audio Articles

Home podcast setup

The future of audio blogs is uncertain for now as this new feature is being tested by companies across the world and a growing concern over its place in the SEO world is being witnessed as no structured data is available for this new type of content.

The sheer increase in this new method of conveying posts to users does mean that it will only grow in the future as users from this new generation are more likely to listen to content then actually read it as this seems to be the mainstream effect of how audiobooks and podcasts take off.

It is therefore imperative that businesses who have invested in content creation look at this option to help engage with their audience and boost user retention on pages as SEO's know that this is one of the key pillars of boosting page rankings on Google search.

As more and more people are using their mobile devices to read the news, it is imperative for publishers to have a multimedia approach that includes text, images, video and audio.

In order to capture your reader's attention - or in this case listeners - you need to offer them something they can't find elsewhere on the internet. If you're interested in improving SEO for your website without breaking the bank then contact us today!

Our team of experts has helped hundreds of clients rank higher online with optimized content/SEO strategies which will show up first when someone searches for keywords related to what you do best.



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