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The First Episode of the Make Marketing Great Podcast

How BMW broke Google's SEO guidelines

On the first episode of the Make Marketing Great Podcast, we discuss SEO. What is SEO? How did BMW break the rules in 2006? And what can we learn from them? These are some of the questions that we answer on this episode.

For more clarity on the situation on what BMW did, here’s a summary:

In 2006, BMW was penalised for breaking Google’s guidelines on SEO. They were using doorway pages, which are low-quality pages that are created for the sole purpose of ranking high in search results. These pages are often crammed with keywords and have little to no original content.

While BMW’s intentions may have been good, they were not playing by the rules. And as a result, their website was removed from Google’s search results.

This is one of SEO's biggest misshapes and it goes to show that even big companies can make mistakes.

However, there is a lesson to be learned from BMW’s mistake. And that is to always play by the rules. When it comes to SEO, Google has a set of guidelines that must be followed. And if these guidelines are not followed, then there is a risk of being penalised.

Continue to learn more about this case and more on the importance of SEO in the first episode of the Make Marketing Great Podcast.

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