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Technical SEO that Boots Business Growth 

Technical SEO that makes a difference online.

One of the most challenging and rewarding aspects of digital marketing is technical SEO. It’s a combination of elements from web page optimization, server configuration and content structure that can make or break your online presence.


Marketing Optimised is a seo agency that helps businesses create websites designed for success. Our team of experienced professionals use their extensive knowledge in the field to craft digital marketing strategies that make the most of your website and take it to the next level.

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Tap into our in-depth knowledge to skyrocket your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) conversion rate and see an exponential return on investment!

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Why is Technical SEO Important?

Technical SEO ensures web pages are crawlable and indexed, allowing search engines to understand the structure of a website, what content is important and how webpages should be displayed in search engine results. It also optimizes web page performance by speeding up loading times or improving overall user experience on mobile devices.


We work with clients to identify and fix technical SEO issues, such as web page structure, website migrations, crawlability and indexing. Our team can create a comprehensive SEO strategy that optimizes web pages for improved visibility in search engine results and provides an optimal user experience on all devices.

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With years of expereince, our technical SEO consultants provide a comprehensive range of services, including crawl and index analysis, website migrations, crawlability and indexing optimisation. 

What Technical SEO Support you get


Crawlability & Indexing Analysis

We analyse how well search engine robots can crawl and index your website. This helps you understand what content is important to be indexed, as well as identify any potential issues that may prevent search engines from understanding the structure of the website.

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Website Migrations

We are experienced in migrating websites from one platform to another and can optimize the process for search engine visibility. We also provide advice on how to maintain visibility during migrations and ensure that all redirects are setup correctly.

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Performance Optimisation

We can improve the performance and loading times of web pages to ensure they are optimised for search engine visibility. We also advise on user experience elements, such as mobile-first design and page speed optimisation.



User Experience Optimisation

We understand the importance of a good user experience and can provide advice on how to make your website more engaging, easy to navigate and optimised for all devices.


Structured Data & Schema Markup

We can help you implement structured data and schema markup on your website to improve search engine visibility. This includes creating rich snippets which are displayed in search engine results, as well as adding extra information about the content on your website to help search engines understand it better.

How can technical SEO help my business?

Yes, we get it, you and your business may be wondering why technical SEO matters. Technical SEO is the foundation of any successful search engine marketing strategy, as it helps ensure your website is indexed and visible in organic search results.


It can help you increase traffic organically and drive conversions by providing an optimal user experience on all devices.


With our expertise, we can help ensure your website meets all technical requirements of search engines, as well as optimise your website’s performance to improve user experience and visibility.

What is the benefits of Technical SEO?

There are a number of benefits associated with technical SEO. It can help you:


  • Increase organic traffic to your website

  • Improve visibility in search engine results

  • Optimise user experience on all devices

  • Boost conversions

  • Ensure compliance with search engine guidelines and avoid penalties


Working on technical SEO can help your website perform better, improving visibility and driving conversions. This is because it ensures your website is indexed, optimised for search engine visibility and provides an optimal user experience on all devices.

What are the common technical SEO issues?

Common technical SEO issues include duplicate content, slow loading times, crawlability problems and not having structured data & schema markup. All of these can affect how search engine bots ‘see’ and index your website, resulting in poorer visibility in search engine results.


Moreover, technical SEO issues can also affect user experience on your website, resulting in higher bounce rates and lower conversions, which over time will impact your organic traffic.

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Technical SEO that Responds to Search Engines

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Delivering Results with Technical SEO

We have the expertise to help deliver the results you need. Our technical SEO services ensure your website is optimised for search engines and provides an optimal user experience on all devices. We have a track record of success, helping clients increase their organic traffic and improve conversions.

Moreover, our technical SEO specialists will ensure your website is compliant with all search engine guidelines, helping you to avoid any penalties and remain visible in search engine results.

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